Thursday, November 17, 2011

Memorial of Mr. Ralph Kiser

Ralph Kiser

Hello anyone all kiddos and elders VSDB,
My bad- I didn't make to go VSDB this week to see Ralph Kiser's Day at the his new dormitory name "Kiser Hall"
I really DO remember what I told him, "I dreamed that you will be the name of new dormitory...But you will be." He laughed and told, Oh Silly Lily! You will be same will be named, too." I again told  him "You will."
He was chucked.
I bet he is still around in the new dormitory and will curious new rooms to see in his own spirit. . I bet he will have to protect his dormitory for the boys.

I am sure he will. 

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Kiser
Since Mr. Kiser lost his beloved wife, Mary. she was my houseparent at the Bass Hall, she was not so bad but good person to us girls. She followed up with Mr. Kiser as same dormitory supervisors. We loved her so much as Mr Kiser, too. 
We are happy now that all of Staff of VSDB made good decision to choose Mr Kiser to be honored as "Kiser Hall" for the boys dormitory. 

Thank you, Nancy and all staff and employers for chose him to be named.