Sunday, January 29, 2017

65th Annual Mason Dixon Basketball (Boys and Girls)

65th Annual Mason Dixon Basketball (Boys and Girls)

Congratulations to Mississippi School for the Deaf, both of Boys' and Girls' Basketball games at the Mason Dixon Basketball tournament on January 26-28, 2017. 

The link was from Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf. 

This link was from Louisiana School for the Deaf, but yet to process to show up.

Next year of 2018, 66th Annual Mason Dixon will be at Alabama School for the Deaf for Boys Basketball. And North Carolina School for the Deaf for Girls' Basketball. 

Girls' Volleyball tournament will be at Virginia School for the Deaf. 


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

VSDB with my Ancestry

My Ancestry

I want to share with you about my Ancestry. I am still working on my Ancestry this year. 

My mother passed away last June 7, 2016. My father, Billy C. Taylor Sr and Deanna Duncan's bodies cremated and put into the Urn that where I keep. Two bodies in One box. They will be bury in Westhampton Cremation Park in West End, of Richmond, VA. The location is on Patterson Ave and Gaskins Ave. by November 12, 2016. At 12 noon. 

That Westhampton Creamtion Park have many deaf people who buried there. 

Go back to my ancestry again. 

I bought the book of 1st and 2nd editorial book of Virginia School for the Deaf history and information about the students and teachers and staff.

I found out that my mother's side from this lineage of Duncan+Poole+Norris. 

My mother's grandmother, Finny (Norris) Poole who enrolled from VSDB in 1897. She was list number 769. And seem that Fannie didn't graduate there and pushed her to marriage to Grover Poole, Sr of Raleigh, NC- he was deaf. 
 Fannie's sister and brother went to VSDB, too. Mary Etta Norris enrolled in 1884, she was on list number 552. And Charles Albert Norris enrolled in 1885, and he was on list number 569. Both were deaf.  But.. Fannie has four siblings. Mary Etta Norris, Charles Albert Norris, Lee Otis Norris, and Pattie Norris and Susan Addie Norris. 

Pattie died as a toddler- she died by fire accidentally. Lee Otis Norris is unknown, whereabouts, may be hearing. Susan Addie may be hearing. 
I believed that Lee Otis Norris left the Norris Family without know and undocumented where he died. 

Charles Albert Norris enrolled and graduated VSDB in 1893, and at age 33, suicide committed and used a gun at his head. Mary (or Marietta) Etta Norris in 1884, she enrolled and graduated in 1892. 

All of these children's father was Richard Albert Norris, my 2nd great-grandfather He was deaf, and 43rd enrolled VSDB in 1844. He graduated in 1850. He was become shoemaker in Albemarle County near Free Union, Virginia all his life to his death. 

He married Eliza Mildred Draper, and bore to 6 children. Richard Albert Norris applied the form in order to be counted for the deaf children that would be reported to Gallaudet University to file the names of the Norris family at the Deaf Historical Library.

And, My great grandmother, Fannie Norris who married to Grover Poole Sr, in North Carolina and Grover was the owner of the printing company. He was very enjoyed business with newspaper company. 
Grover Poole hoped to carried out with his deaf children, Virginia, my grandmother. and my great auntie, Mary Wilkerson and Grover Jr, to take over the printing business. 
I found out they don't want to take over the business. They wanted to be enjoyed life than work. 

So shocked.  Grover Sr and Fannie got old and want to retired from the business. So they sold the business for good. Grover and Fannie buried in Raleigh,  NC.  
My grandmother, Virginia put my mother, Deanna Taylor went to VSDB by short time... until my father appeared and fell in love with Deanna at school. 
She was about 16 or 17 years old. My grandmother found out and asked Billy, my father to married her earlier and left at VSDB. My uncle, Sandy was in Gallaudet University student and he found out Deanna is married, he was pretty UPSET over that. 
Sandy told me that grandmother can't keep her care during the teenager matter. 

Uncle William (Billy) Duncan and Helen graduated VSDB. Uncle Sandy graduated in NCSDB.  

Then, I enrolled in 1974, but re-enrolled in 1975 because of that in 1974 I was not ready to be in. 

Sound like VSDB is part of my family. 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Memorial of all Deaf Virginians

Memorial of All Deaf Virginians

Ronald "Ronnie" James Craft

Ronald James "Ronnie" Craft age 62 of Staunton passed away Friday, May 6, 2016.  He was born January 30, 1954 in Alexandria, a son of Robert and Emma Craft. Ronnie was preceded in death by his parents, sisters Frances Stanley and Betty Buddington, brothers William Craft, Francis Craft and Kenneth Craft.  Surviving are a daughter Jennifer Craft of Verona, son Matthew Craft and his wife Lisa of Staunton and a granddaughter Kimberely Moran of Verona.  Also surviving are his siblings Emma Brindley of Sun City Center, Florida, Paula Justice of Mebane, North Carolina, Robert Craft, Jr. of Millersville, Maryland, Clyde "Bo" Craft of Winchester, Richard Craft of Warrenton, Russell Craft of Richmond, Ralph Craft of Bristol, Gordon "Timmy" Craft of Gladys, John Keys of Warrenton, Luther Keys of Midland, Aunt Evelyn Ford and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins.

John Bessett

John was born on January 31, 1965 and passed away on Friday, April 8, 2016.
John William Bessette, beloved son, brother, uncle and friend, died suddenly in his Chesterfield home Friday, April 8, 2016. Born January 31, 1965, he was the son of Joan Nancy Bessette and the late Edward Donald Bessette. John truly loved God, his family and his friends. He was always seeking new friendships where ever he went. John will always be loved and cherished by all who have known him throughout the deaf and hearing impaired communities.

Along with his mother, left to cherish his memory are his sister, Anne Felton (Dean); brothers, Paul Bessette and Edward Bessette (Grace), along with many uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews. 

Stines J. Crawley

He was 56 years old, of Henrico, Va., departed this life on May 3, 2016. He was preceded in death by his parents, Gibson and Benzina Harrell. He is survived by his loving and devoted wife, Marcia I. Crawley; sister, Patricia H. Walls; father and mother-in-law, Ronald and Brenda Crawley; sisters-in-law, Lisa Crawley-Tyler (Jerry) and Rhonda L. Edwards (Gerald); and a host of caring relatives and friends. Remains rest at March Funeral Home, 2110 E. Laburnum Ave., where viewing will be held Saturday, May 7, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The family will receive friends one hour prior to service. A Celebration of Life will be held at 12:30 p.m. Monday, May 9, 2016, in the March Funeral Home Chapel. Rev. Buddy Burgess officiating. Interment Washington Memorial Park.

Ben Pillsbury RIP
Will update the story...

Monday, May 2, 2016

A Knight of Golden Horseshoe

A Knight of Golden Horseshoe

The History of Knights of the Golden Horseshoe that also known as the transmontane expedition took place in 1716 during in the British Colony of Virginia.  The Royal Governor and a number of prominent citizens traveled westward, across the  Blue Ridge Mountains on an exploratory expedition. It is a frequently recounted event of the History of Virginia.  

Governor Alexander Spotswood was a Lieutenant-Colonel in the British Army and noted Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. And he exploring beyond the Blue Ridge Mountains with his 50 other men and 74 horses, to led a real estate speculation  expedition up the Rappahannock River Valley during westward the area where the route 33 by west of Stanardville, VA. 

They crossed the top ridge of Blue Ridge Mountains at Swift Run Gap (elevation 2,365 feet)

I don't realized that was my 1st cousin 11 x-removed
James Taylor II was part of Knight of the Golden Horseshoe!!

Last two years ago On our vacation weekend in August at Harrisonburg, Va and my children and I went to top of the Blue Ridge Mountain on route 33 and was going home to the East. 
I was not attention about "James Taylor" there that was our ancestry discovery!! 

My 1st cousin 11x-removed, James Taylor II
Martha Thompson - James' wife.

 "Hare Forest, about four miles from Orange Court House, VA was the early home of the Taylor Family, found by James Taylor I and his wife, Frances. James Taylor was a man  of affairs, interested in the well being of the colonies, and owning  wide acres in Virginia. His only son, James Taylor II, who was one of the first surveyor general, was colonel of Orange  County militia, a knight of the Golden Horse  Shoe, and a burgess of King and Queen County, 1702-1714. His wife was Martha Thompson, a daughter of Colonel William Thompson, of the British army, whose father, Sir Roger Thompson  served under Cromwell. After Colonel Taylor's death, the House of Burgesses ordered Hanover, Spotsylvania and Orange counties  to pay one thousand pounds of tobacco to his widow in recognition of his services in running the boundaries of the counties. James and Martha Thompson were the great-grand parents of two Presidents of the United States, James Madison and Zachary Taylor.

George Edmund Taylor (Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-grandfather) was Colonel of Orange County militia  and fought in Indian wars; Burgess of Orange County,  1748-49 and 1752-58; member of  Committee of Safety, 1774-75; member  of convention in 1775; vestryman of Episcopal Church in King George County; Clerk of Orange County for many years. He was the father of ten soldiers of the Revolution, nine of whom  were officers. James Taylor was sergeant major of militia,  afterward clerk of Orange County, a position formerly held by his father,  Lieut. Jonathan Taylor married Anne Berry of Gloucester, Virginia and settled in Clark County, KY in 1789, establishing  their home, "Basin Springs".  Edmund Taylor was captain, serving on the Virginia State Line, he married Catherine Stubbs. 

More to come.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Who's who runs for the president: Bernie Sanders

Who's who runs the president Part 2:
Bernie Sanders

He born in September 8,  1941 in Brooklyn, NY. 
He is the jewish guy. 

He attended to the University of Chicago and joined the Young People's Socialist League.  the youth affiliate of the Social Part of America and active in the Civil Rights Movement as a student organizer for the Congress of Racial Equality and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.   

At the office, 2007 to present from the United States Senator of Vermont.  

Own Business: NOPE

His spouses: 
Deborah Shilling (1964-1966)
Jane O'Meara (1988-present)
Domestic Partner: Susan mott (1969)

Education: Hebrew School,  James Madison High School, Brooklyn College, University of Chicago.

He was use to be Liberty Union, Independent, now it's Democratic 

He is Jewish. 

Rescuing: 1963 Protest of Segregation.

Check the link you can look for:

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Obituary of Wren Bailey

Wren Bailey

He passed away in the morning on St. Valentine Day, Feb 14, 2016 at 5:45 am. 
He joined with his beloved wife, Beverly and walk with the Lord, our Savior, Jesus with them to the Heaven. 

He was 83 years old. 

His funeral would be "Memorial service" would be held this Friday, February 19th at 4pm at Bliley's Funeral Home, 5810 Staples Mill Road, Richmond, Va. 

The Visitation with the family will be at the same location from 3:30 pm to 4pm. 

Interpreting service, including a close-vision interpreter, would be provided. 

Richmond Times Dispatch or Bliley's are not ready to published. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

RIP: Hung Yee and Don Kraus

Our Dear Deaf Virginians who passed away yesterday. God called them go home 

Yung Yee
1965- 2014
I am very sorry and pray for his speeding to touch with Jesus and his Father, our God... He departed on 3:20 pm in Las Vegas time. He had kidney failure and head internal bleeding, and diabetes and lung collapsed. 
But in Northern Va deaf people who knew him very well and part of Gallaudet University he loved. As heard that he will be cremated bring home in Maryland cemetery with his family. He is now with his mother and son in heaven. I pray for his fiancee, Melchora Lee and his family.

"You Always put a smile on many faces.

All we had to do was call you and you would make everything better. 
The day that we heard that you were taken from us my heart broke. 
We dropped down to my knees and cried and cried. 
All we wanted was for one more day with you 
As we sit here at your grave looking at your picture. 
All we want to do is hug you and laugh with you and church with you. 
We miss you so much we all do. 
and when you died. 
The whole town felt the pain. 
You were only 49 years old. 
You didn’t deserve to die. 
You've been gone for two years now and we miss you like hell 
We think about you everyday 
It’s getting easier. 
But every time we look at your picture or pull out the scrapbook my eyes start to water. 
We will never forget you.
We love you and miss you,
but we know that your in heaven 
looking over all of us.. 
We can’t wait until we will see you again "

Don Kraus

Our teacher of the science and biology, at the VSDB passed away at 12:25pm that the Lord called him go home. He died of cancer with long time illness. 
To me that he was never be my teacher yet but to all VSDB students. My Science teacher is another person that who easier for me to understand the science. Don Kraus loves to have deep known of science with steady programs at VSDB. 
He retired and long time at home and enjoyed  his time to read the newspapers and eat out and see old friends, and still love around hung out at VSDB. He always cherished about VSDB historical site and the educations that all he cared about. Our praying with his wife, Mary and his children. 
Thank to him for everything he taught us in years.
The funeral will be update in Staunton Leader News soon as planning. 

"I have had nowhere to turn
I had a lot to learn
not just about math science and English
about life

But you listen and never told
I have never known what that felt like before
I remember when I would sit and sob on the floor
Then you came and guided me

Too bad this is my last year at this school
Seems just like yesterday I walked into your 7th grade class
Boy that was a blast
Too bad walking down the hall will be my last

But now I'm going to 9th grade 
going to a whole new school
But I will always keep that simple rule 
live your life

but when I walk into that brand new place
I always remember your sweet smiling face
the face that gave me strength and courage 
to keep going keep moving don't let anything stop me

I hope this doesn't mean that we can never talk
I hope we keep in touch 
so I won't end up alone
sitting on the floor again
and all I could do was moan

So thank you for being my friend
I am so sad that our trust may have to end"