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A Knight of Golden Horseshoe

A Knight of Golden Horseshoe

The History of Knights of the Golden Horseshoe that also known as the transmontane expedition took place in 1716 during in the British Colony of Virginia.  The Royal Governor and a number of prominent citizens traveled westward, across the  Blue Ridge Mountains on an exploratory expedition. It is a frequently recounted event of the History of Virginia.  

Governor Alexander Spotswood was a Lieutenant-Colonel in the British Army and noted Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. And he exploring beyond the Blue Ridge Mountains with his 50 other men and 74 horses, to led a real estate speculation  expedition up the Rappahannock River Valley during westward the area where the route 33 by west of Stanardville, VA. 

They crossed the top ridge of Blue Ridge Mountains at Swift Run Gap (elevation 2,365 feet)

I don't realized that was my 1st cousin 11 x-removed
James Taylor II was part of Knight of the Golden Horseshoe!!

Last two years ago On our vacation weekend in August at Harrisonburg, Va and my children and I went to top of the Blue Ridge Mountain on route 33 and was going home to the East. 
I was not attention about "James Taylor" there that was our ancestry discovery!! 

My 1st cousin 11x-removed, James Taylor II
Martha Thompson - James' wife.

 "Hare Forest, about four miles from Orange Court House, VA was the early home of the Taylor Family, found by James Taylor I and his wife, Frances. James Taylor was a man  of affairs, interested in the well being of the colonies, and owning  wide acres in Virginia. His only son, James Taylor II, who was one of the first surveyor general, was colonel of Orange  County militia, a knight of the Golden Horse  Shoe, and a burgess of King and Queen County, 1702-1714. His wife was Martha Thompson, a daughter of Colonel William Thompson, of the British army, whose father, Sir Roger Thompson  served under Cromwell. After Colonel Taylor's death, the House of Burgesses ordered Hanover, Spotsylvania and Orange counties  to pay one thousand pounds of tobacco to his widow in recognition of his services in running the boundaries of the counties. James and Martha Thompson were the great-grand parents of two Presidents of the United States, James Madison and Zachary Taylor.

George Edmund Taylor (Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-grandfather) was Colonel of Orange County militia  and fought in Indian wars; Burgess of Orange County,  1748-49 and 1752-58; member of  Committee of Safety, 1774-75; member  of convention in 1775; vestryman of Episcopal Church in King George County; Clerk of Orange County for many years. He was the father of ten soldiers of the Revolution, nine of whom  were officers. James Taylor was sergeant major of militia,  afterward clerk of Orange County, a position formerly held by his father,  Lieut. Jonathan Taylor married Anne Berry of Gloucester, Virginia and settled in Clark County, KY in 1789, establishing  their home, "Basin Springs".  Edmund Taylor was captain, serving on the Virginia State Line, he married Catherine Stubbs. 

More to come.

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