Thursday, March 20, 2014

RIP: Hung Yee and Don Kraus

Our Dear Deaf Virginians who passed away yesterday. God called them go home 

Yung Yee
1965- 2014
I am very sorry and pray for his speeding to touch with Jesus and his Father, our God... He departed on 3:20 pm in Las Vegas time. He had kidney failure and head internal bleeding, and diabetes and lung collapsed. 
But in Northern Va deaf people who knew him very well and part of Gallaudet University he loved. As heard that he will be cremated bring home in Maryland cemetery with his family. He is now with his mother and son in heaven. I pray for his fiancee, Melchora Lee and his family.

"You Always put a smile on many faces.

All we had to do was call you and you would make everything better. 
The day that we heard that you were taken from us my heart broke. 
We dropped down to my knees and cried and cried. 
All we wanted was for one more day with you 
As we sit here at your grave looking at your picture. 
All we want to do is hug you and laugh with you and church with you. 
We miss you so much we all do. 
and when you died. 
The whole town felt the pain. 
You were only 49 years old. 
You didn’t deserve to die. 
You've been gone for two years now and we miss you like hell 
We think about you everyday 
It’s getting easier. 
But every time we look at your picture or pull out the scrapbook my eyes start to water. 
We will never forget you.
We love you and miss you,
but we know that your in heaven 
looking over all of us.. 
We can’t wait until we will see you again "

Don Kraus

Our teacher of the science and biology, at the VSDB passed away at 12:25pm that the Lord called him go home. He died of cancer with long time illness. 
To me that he was never be my teacher yet but to all VSDB students. My Science teacher is another person that who easier for me to understand the science. Don Kraus loves to have deep known of science with steady programs at VSDB. 
He retired and long time at home and enjoyed  his time to read the newspapers and eat out and see old friends, and still love around hung out at VSDB. He always cherished about VSDB historical site and the educations that all he cared about. Our praying with his wife, Mary and his children. 
Thank to him for everything he taught us in years.
The funeral will be update in Staunton Leader News soon as planning. 

"I have had nowhere to turn
I had a lot to learn
not just about math science and English
about life

But you listen and never told
I have never known what that felt like before
I remember when I would sit and sob on the floor
Then you came and guided me

Too bad this is my last year at this school
Seems just like yesterday I walked into your 7th grade class
Boy that was a blast
Too bad walking down the hall will be my last

But now I'm going to 9th grade 
going to a whole new school
But I will always keep that simple rule 
live your life

but when I walk into that brand new place
I always remember your sweet smiling face
the face that gave me strength and courage 
to keep going keep moving don't let anything stop me

I hope this doesn't mean that we can never talk
I hope we keep in touch 
so I won't end up alone
sitting on the floor again
and all I could do was moan

So thank you for being my friend
I am so sad that our trust may have to end"