Wednesday, October 19, 2016

VSDB with my Ancestry

My Ancestry

I want to share with you about my Ancestry. I am still working on my Ancestry this year. 

My mother passed away last June 7, 2016. My father, Billy C. Taylor Sr and Deanna Duncan's bodies cremated and put into the Urn that where I keep. Two bodies in One box. They will be bury in Westhampton Cremation Park in West End, of Richmond, VA. The location is on Patterson Ave and Gaskins Ave. by November 12, 2016. At 12 noon. 

That Westhampton Creamtion Park have many deaf people who buried there. 

Go back to my ancestry again. 

I bought the book of 1st and 2nd editorial book of Virginia School for the Deaf history and information about the students and teachers and staff.

I found out that my mother's side from this lineage of Duncan+Poole+Norris. 

My mother's grandmother, Finny (Norris) Poole who enrolled from VSDB in 1897. She was list number 769. And seem that Fannie didn't graduate there and pushed her to marriage to Grover Poole, Sr of Raleigh, NC- he was deaf. 
 Fannie's sister and brother went to VSDB, too. Mary Etta Norris enrolled in 1884, she was on list number 552. And Charles Albert Norris enrolled in 1885, and he was on list number 569. Both were deaf.  But.. Fannie has four siblings. Mary Etta Norris, Charles Albert Norris, Lee Otis Norris, and Pattie Norris and Susan Addie Norris. 

Pattie died as a toddler- she died by fire accidentally. Lee Otis Norris is unknown, whereabouts, may be hearing. Susan Addie may be hearing. 
I believed that Lee Otis Norris left the Norris Family without know and undocumented where he died. 

Charles Albert Norris enrolled and graduated VSDB in 1893, and at age 33, suicide committed and used a gun at his head. Mary (or Marietta) Etta Norris in 1884, she enrolled and graduated in 1892. 

All of these children's father was Richard Albert Norris, my 2nd great-grandfather He was deaf, and 43rd enrolled VSDB in 1844. He graduated in 1850. He was become shoemaker in Albemarle County near Free Union, Virginia all his life to his death. 

He married Eliza Mildred Draper, and bore to 6 children. Richard Albert Norris applied the form in order to be counted for the deaf children that would be reported to Gallaudet University to file the names of the Norris family at the Deaf Historical Library.

And, My great grandmother, Fannie Norris who married to Grover Poole Sr, in North Carolina and Grover was the owner of the printing company. He was very enjoyed business with newspaper company. 
Grover Poole hoped to carried out with his deaf children, Virginia, my grandmother. and my great auntie, Mary Wilkerson and Grover Jr, to take over the printing business. 
I found out they don't want to take over the business. They wanted to be enjoyed life than work. 

So shocked.  Grover Sr and Fannie got old and want to retired from the business. So they sold the business for good. Grover and Fannie buried in Raleigh,  NC.  
My grandmother, Virginia put my mother, Deanna Taylor went to VSDB by short time... until my father appeared and fell in love with Deanna at school. 
She was about 16 or 17 years old. My grandmother found out and asked Billy, my father to married her earlier and left at VSDB. My uncle, Sandy was in Gallaudet University student and he found out Deanna is married, he was pretty UPSET over that. 
Sandy told me that grandmother can't keep her care during the teenager matter. 

Uncle William (Billy) Duncan and Helen graduated VSDB. Uncle Sandy graduated in NCSDB.  

Then, I enrolled in 1974, but re-enrolled in 1975 because of that in 1974 I was not ready to be in. 

Sound like VSDB is part of my family.